Religiosity on University Campuses in Africa: Trends and Experiences

Sounaye, Abdoulaye and Frédérick Madore, eds. Religiosity on University Campuses in Africa: Trends and Experiences. Berlin: LIT Verlag, 2023.


This volume examines religiosity on university campuses in Sub-Saharan Africa. Focusing on both individuals and organized groups, the contributions open a window onto how religion becomes a factor, affects social interactions, is experienced and mobilized by various actors. It brings together case studies from various disciplinary backgrounds (anthropology, sociology, history, religious studies, literature) and theoretical orientations to illustrate the significance of religiosity in recent developments on university campuses. It pays a particular attention to religion-informed activism and contributes a fresh analysis of processes that are shaping both the experience of being student and the university campus as a moral space. Last but not least, it sheds light onto the ways in which the campus becomes a site of a reformulation of both religiosity and sociality.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: Religiosity on University Campuses in Africa (Abdoulaye SOUNAYE and Frédérick MADORE)
  • Straddling the “Epistemic Divide”? Medical and Faith-based Healing among Christian Students in Mbarara, South-Western Uganda (Dorothea SCHULZ and Britta BAYER)
  • Exister en contexte autoritaire : les associations étudiantes chrétiennes et islamiques à l’Université de Lomé sous Gnassingbé Eyadéma, 1970–2005 (Frédérick MADORE)
  • Pentecostalism in the University Public Sphere of Molyko (Buea, Cameroon): Challenges, Media Strategies and Students’ Involvement, 1993–2020 (Francis Arsène Fogue KUATE)
  • « Tuba », une construction de l’identité religieuse par les étudiants salafis et pentecôtistes de l’Université Abdou Moumouni de Niamey, Niger (Mahamadou BELLO ADAMOU)
  • Vivre sa foi Tabligh au sein des campus de Côte d’Ivoire : ethnographie du cheminement de la religiosité des étudiants (Youssoufou BAKAYOKO)
  • Secular Dynamics and Religious Awakening on University Campuses in Ghana (Mohammed Ameen KASIM)
  • Mobiliser l’Histoire dans le contexte académique nigérien : le prisme des récits religieux (Vincent FAVIER)
  • Performing Religiosity: Protest and Prayer Performance in a Nigerian University (Stephen T. OGUNDIPE)
  • Aspiration and Activism: Muslim Students’ Future-Making in Mbarara, South-Western Uganda (Dorothea SCHULZ)
  • Islam on University Campuses in Côte d’Ivoire since the 1970s: Muslim Intellectuals and Francophone Salafism (Frédérick MADORE and Issouf BINATÉ)
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