Religiosity and Higher Education at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, 1948 – 2010

Adejoke Rafiat Adetoro conducts this research project.

This project examines religiosity and higher education at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria within the context of (re)emergence of religiosity on university campuses and the attempt to de-secularize higher education institutions. Through a study of the evolution and growth of religiosity at the University of Ibadan, this work will examine the reframing of the geographies of the university and the introduction of new religious cultural forms. It raises a fundamental question of how and why religiosity has become a significant part of the university culture. Specifically, the study will interrogate the nature of religious traditions on campus, how religiosity as a phenomenon evolved and has been institutionalised in this setting and what are the implications of these trends for the intellectual climate and social life of the university. The study will engage ethnographic and historical research methods for data collection and will also adopt a multidisciplinary approach to analyse and contextualise the research data.

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