Vincent Favier

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Vincent Favier is a REMOBOKO Junior Research Fellow and a doctoral candidate at the  Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient in Berlin. He holds an MA in African Studies (2015) from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and a BA in German Studies (2010) from Université Paris-III La Sorbonne Nouvelle. He shot his first ethnographic film entitled “Dunia ya Wagogo” (the World of the Wagogo) in 2015 in Tanzania.

The topic of his doctoral project is “Preaching and Teaching: Religiosity, Knowledge and Performance at the Université Abdou Moumouni de Niamey, Niger”. This project focuses on religiosity and its manifestations among students and lecturers on the university campus of Niamey, Niger. It investigates how students and lecturers learn, teach, and communicate, in other words, how they interact at university while they live, experience and practice their religion every day. It also explores how certain lecturers and preachers perform their social role, respectively as academic and moral actors of this institution of higher education. This project will shed light on the ways Nigerien students engage with academic and religious life as they seek new avenues to succeed economically and socially in an adverse context. The concept of “Good Life” may be fruitful to grasp their strategies, hopes and dreams to become the future elites of the nation.

This project seeks to contribute to the anthropology of religion in contemporary West-Africa, focusing especially on Salafi and Pentecostal groups. These denominations are rather used to qualify broader religious trends that one would find on the campuses. The study approaches religious manifestations through the rubrics of “social performances”, “rhetoric” and “performativity” in order to interrogate the physical, visible, and audible means through which religion establishes itself on university campus. It also investigates how knowledge is appropriated, considered, passed on, utilized or contested in different settings from seminars to informal discussions. Which spaces does religion occupy or seek to pervade? How do religious practices shape campus life? Does religiosity affect academic practice and eventually reform or challenge the university?

To know more about Vincent and his project, watch the video below:

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